Breeding goal

The goal of the purebred breeding is effective and sustainable animals that fit in different production systems. Healthy animals with good conformation is of highest importance. Pigs that are born with genetic defects, or siblings to pigs with genetic defects, are excluded from breeding activity and is not used for future generations of breeding animals.

Because Hampshire is a sire line the greatest emphasis is put on production- and meat quality traits.


As a sire line focus in the breeding goal is on production- and meat quality traits. In order to provide sustainable and robust animals the conformation of the animals are of highest importance. All traits are carefully put together in a well-designed breeding program and has resulted in a Hampshire with high growth rate, good feed conversion and excellent meat quality.

Production traits:                                                                    
Days at 100 kg                                          
Days at 35 kg                                                            
Feed intake between 35 and 100 kg

Conformation score
Scoring of osteochondrosis

Slaughter traits:
Meat percentage
Fat thickness measured in mm