Data collection

Nordic Genetics Hampshire breeding programs are based on well-motivated contracted breeders in Sweden, England and Norway who follows same routines for the breeding work. A large amount of data is collected to provide a reliable basis for the breeding work.

To ensure a high genetic progress three recording methods is used: litter recording scheme, on-farm test and evaluation at slaughter. All recording is collected in Nordic Genetics database and the information is used in the breeding evaluation to make it possible to select the best animals for breeding. Blood samples are taken for all breeding animals to ensure that the descent is correct.

Litter recording scheme

In the litter recording scheme identity, insemination, farrowing, litter size, weaning, farrowing interval, medical treatments and genetic defects is registered in all breeding herds.

On-farm test

All gilts and boars is tested on-farm. The test is carried out when the pigs weigh about 100 kg and is performed by Nordic Genetics breeding technician. Following traits are recorded:

Weight of the pig
Back fat thickness
Loin depth
Conformation scoring

Feed intake is also measured at the herds with feeders in a number of pens. Every year around 400 animals are tested with the feeders. Trough a transponder in the ear the number of visits in the feeder are recorded, and how long and how much the animal eats. The test period is between 35 and 100 kg. After the test period growth and feed intake during the period is calculated.

Evaluation at slaughter

Every year around 800 animals is sent to slaughter where meat percentage and osteochondrosis is evaluated. By cutting the proportion of meat and bone in the ham is obtained which then is used to calculate the meat percentage. Sweden was the first country in the world to systematically include osteochondrosis in the breeding selection, and the evaluation has been done since 1982. The assessment is based on the evaluation of the elbow joint and the knee joint, and is judged on a six-point scale (no remark – serious damage).