AI and livestock

AI activity is run by Swedish Meat Companies which have two AI stations in Sweden. The stations have around 250 Hampshire boars.

In order to maintain a rapid genetic progress the average boar is replaced in less than a year. To achieve such a good production results as possible in the pig producing herds the Hampshire semen is sold as a mix from different boars.

Swedish Meat Companies has different categories of  semen in their product range that makes it possible for individual herds to choose what they want to improve. For Hampshire there is possibilities to choose boars with highest breeding value or and boars with highest value for robustness. As an option you can choose Hampshire boars guaranteed to carry the RN gene.

Swedish Meat Companies also rent Hampshire boars as commerical boars.

Contact AI stations:

Order reception for both stations:
Phone. +46 (0)10-130 89 30
Fax. + 46 (0)10 - 130 89 89

For more information please visit  Sveriges Köttföretag, logotyp

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